A Pregnancy Test That Tells You Sooner!

Photo from First Response

The FDA just approved the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, which can tell you if you're pregnant six days before you miss your period. That's one day earlier than all the other over-the-counter pregnancy tests currently out there. The cost? $14.

The manufacturer says this is good because a mom will know sooner that she needs to start taking prenatal vitamins or stop drinking. I certainly understand wanting to know if you're pregnant because so you're nervous or excited about it, but I don't really see one day as having a major impact on the health of your baby. Of course if you're really worried about that, you can still find out a lot sooner with a blood test.

I'm still waiting for a test that can tell you if you're pregnant as soon as you have sex. Now that would be really helpful!

What do you think? Would knowing you're pregnant one day earlier make a difference in your baby's health?

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