No Dads Allowed in this Doc's Delivery Room!

baby and dad

Photo by LippyMcTiccy

Do you want your partner in the delivery room? I've never met a mom who didn't—although I know you're out there. Here's a doctor who agrees with you. Michael Odent, an OB/Gyn and childbirth specialist, says, "The ideal birth environment involves no men in general."


Dr. Odent thinks that labor can be longer, more painful and more complicated because the pregnant woman can sense the dad's anxiety and gets nervous. He thinks childbirth would be more straightforward if women were left alone with only a midwife to help them, like in the olden days.

Duncan Fisher of Dad Info says he thinks that a lot of women would be even more nervous without their partner there.

But others say that lots of men now feel pressured to be in the delivery room because it's the thing to do, but that men don't have a "right" to be there—the most important thing is that the mom-to-be feel safe, secure, and supported.


Do you think it's a dad's right to be in the delivery room? What if you're not a couple?


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