Pregnancy Apps: Everything You Need to Get Through the Next 9 Months

Suzanne Murray | Jan 26, 2010 Pregnancy

  • Record Growth Stats, Keep Appointments, and Create a Birth Plan


    Pregnancy Calendar App, $9.95

    The Pregnancy Calendar app helps you track your pregnancy day by day, record stats on you and your baby, keep track of what you're eating, and even create a birth plan.

  • Check Out Your Baby's Development


    iPregnancy App, $3.99 at iTunes

    WiddlyTinks pregnancy tracker tells you when the baby is due and gives you info about what's happening to you and your fetus every month.

  • Have Sex on the Perfect Day to Conceive


    Menstrual Calendar App, free at iTunes

    Lena Bryce, a 30-year-old British woman loves the Free Menstrual Calendar app, which predicts your menstrual cycle and your most fertile days. Bryce credits the app with getting her pregnant—and saving her loads of cash in infertility treatments.

    She and her husband were about to turn to IVF or adoption when she downloaded the app, which highlighted her most fertile day (in pink)—she got pregnant two months after downloading the app and gave birth on the day it predicted she would.

  • Know for Sure What Foods to Skip


    Foods to Avoid When Pregnant App, .99 at iTunes

    When you're out and about this comprehensive list of Foods to Avoid When Pregnant in eight different categories will tell you what's safe to eat and what's not.

  • Predict Your Baby's Gender


    Baby Gender, .99 at iTunes

    The Chinese had an ancient chart that could predict a baby's gender based on two variables: the pregnant mother's date of birth and probable date of conception. This app uses that logic and helps you figure out whether you're having a boy or girl.

    You might not want to buy your baby clothes based on this though—it's all for fun.

  • Choose a Baby Name


    Most Baby Names app, $4.99 at iTunes

    A great resource when looking for the perfect baby name. This app has more than 103,000 baby names with origins, variations, and definitions.

  • Count Your Baby's Kicks


    Kicker Counter, .99 at iTunes

    The Kicker Counter lets you count the number of fetal kicks and other movements every hour. A running log will tell you the date and time you started each countdown and the number of kicks you felt.

  • Practice Being a Mom


    Virtual Baby, .99 at iTunes

    Virtual Baby gives you an idea of what you can expect once your real live baby arrives—sleepless nights, diaper changes, and more.

  • Keep Track of Contractions


    Contraction Master, .99 at iTunes

    Contraction Master automatically keeps track of the start, end, duration, and frequency of each contraction.

  • Tell Your Doctor She's Stupid


    Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor Pregnancy Quiz, free at iTunes

    The Are You Smarter than Your Doctor Pregnancy Quiz is a free app that's filled with fun and educational info on major pregnancy issues. It was created by an OB/GYN who spent years answering pregnant women's questions online—and off.

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