5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Belly Shots

Suzanne Murray | Jan 25, 2010 Pregnancy

  • Take it All Off!


    Photo by TaMpaPhoTog_Mom

    If you're planning a shoot (pro or not), remove anything that binds or leaves marks on your skin ahead of time (panties and bras are the most binding). If you do show some skin, it will be nice and smooth and not irritated or creased.

  • Use Natural Light


    Photo by misspriss1987

    Shoot near a window and have whoever's helping you watch for the way the light (preferably indirect or soft) hits your belly and picks up the contours and roundness. It's just a matter of small movements to find when the light hits you just right.

  • Shoot Yourself


    Photo by TaMpaPhoTog_Mom

    Shoot into a mirror or use the self-timer on the camera. Get creative and have fun. There are no rules. When it's just you with your camera, you don't have to be self-conscious—and you can always delete the ones you don't like.

  • Shoot Indoors


    Photo by coleanddylan

    Shooting inside— in a living room, bedroom or bathroom—can add add intimacy to your portraits. Indoor shots feel so special and sacred. Try different angles and perspectives, too. Shoot up at the belly, shoot down at the belly, straight on or profile or anywhere in between.

  • Shoot Outdoors


    Photo by BuriedNLilSocks

    This is when the clothes should probably come back on. Shooting outdoors gives you some room to play with wider angles in your shots. Incorporating the landscape (the sun, the sky, and other natural elements) can bring a whole other creative element to your images.

    Have the photographer shoot into the sun (you would need to stand between the camera and the sun) to capture some ethereal back light and sunspots. This can make for some lovely unexpected surprises, too.

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