Baby Name of the Week: Valentina and Valentino

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If you're baby is scheduled to arrive near Valentine's Day (or even if she isn't), here are some names to consider: Valentina for a girl; Valentino for a boy.


Valentina is of Spanish origin and means "brave." Salma Hayek named her daughter Valentina and so did Adriana Francesca Lima, one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. But according to the Baby Name Finder, no mom on CafeMom has given her daughter that name.

Valentino is an Italian name of Latin origin and means "strength." The saint we celebrate on February 14 was named Valentin.The name has been increasing in popularity since the year 2000. The musician Ricky Martin named his son, born in 2008, Valentino, but not one mom on CafeMom has a son with that name. You could be the first!

What do you think of the names Valentina and Valentino?

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