Baby Measuring Crib Sheet: Take It or Leave It?

baby measuring crib sheet

Photo from Supermarket

Want to know how big your baby is getting? Most new moms are obsessed with their infant's growth, but It's awfully hard to tell for sure how big they're getting since babies wiggle so much. Here's a brilliant idea: A crib sheet with measurements on it so that you can see just how much baby has grown.


The Baby Measuring Crib Fitted Sheet was designed by Clare Chen. It's all cotton and made with environmentally friendly dyes. It comes in an assortment of colors: pink, blue, green, lavender, black, gray, and yellow.

It's a fun idea and probably not something you'd buy for yourself, but you could add it to your baby shower registry.

The price: $40 at Supermarket.

Like it? Hate it? Will you add it to your registry?

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