10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women—And the People They Love

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  • Nurse Purse and Necklace


    $14 at riskybeads

    The Hot, Hot Mama Nurse Purse is a cute red bag that holds a black onyx nursing necklace, which many moms use to keep their baby occupied while breastfeeding. It keeps baby's wandering hands occupied while nursing. If your baby isn't interested, you still have a great pendant to wear.

  • Heart Necklace


    This simply perfect necklace is made of vintage, red glass hearts hand-knotted onto a soft, leather cord. Wear it long, short, or in between.

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  • Cupid Maternity Tee


    This cute long-sleeve chocolate maternity tee is the perfect thing to wear on Valentine's Day. Jellybean Apparel also makes cute tees with a heart over the belly that say "Baby Be Mine."

  • Funny Card


    $3 at uppup

    A cute Valentine for your partner. The outside of this Crazy Love Card reads: "I love you so much that if I were pregnant and I asked you to pick up ice cream on your way home and you forgot, I would probably not divorce you. Probably." (It's blank inside.)

  • Big Sister Tee


    $20 at zoeysattic

    A sweet present for a big-sister-to-be—and a cute way to announce your pregnancy. Tee says, "This little sweetie is going to be a big sister." Big brother tees are also available!

  • Sweet Onesies


    box of two Cupcake Onesies, $19.95 at Wishing Fish

    Cupcake Onesies are rolled to look like cupcakes and packaged in dotted "bakery" boxes. They're available in sets of two, four, or six. A great Valentine for the mom- or baby-to-be.

  • Hysterical Pregnancy Book


    Hatched! by Sloane Tanen, $5.98 at Amazon

    I give Hatched! The Big Push from Pregnancy to Motherhood by Sloane Tanen to all my pregnant friends. Each page has a little diorama-like display of chenille yellow chicks in a scene from pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood along with some hysterical commentary. It's roll-on-the-floor funny.

  • Chocolate ... Of Course!


    Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar, $9.99 each at Provisions

    Mast Brothers Chocolate isn't just insanely delicious, it's got the health benefits of dark chocolate, and it comes in beautiful wrapping, which makes it the perfect gift.

    Flavors include: Dark Chocolate + Fleur de Sel; Dark Chocolate + Dried Cranberries; Black Truffle + Sea Salt; Dark Chocolate + Pecan; and more. 

    Give a bar to someone who's craving chocolate. Yourself, maybe?

  • Sexy Lingerie


    Yes, you can be pregnant and sexy. Lingerie is always a great Valentine's Day choice. I love Hot Milk's sexy, French lace boy short. It's black sheer lace lined in honey peach cotton. Go all out and pair it with the Her Radiance Nursing Bra.

  • A Charm Bracelet


    $1, 475 at Charm

    Give the mom-to-be this gorgeous Baby Shower 14k gold charm bracelet made up of seven cute baby charms. It's something she'll always treasure. If you can't afford to spring for the entire bracelet, buy her one cute charm and add to it every Valentine's or Mother's Day.

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