15 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women -- & the People They Love

valentine ideas for pregnant women

In and of itself, figuring out the perfect Valentine's Day gift can be daunting. Of course, some people would prefer to keep it casual, maybe stick to a card and a bouquet or a home-cooked meal. Others might have something a bit more extravagant in mind -- think amazing theater tickets or a piece of fine jewelry. And there's always something in between. But if the recipient also happens to be an expectant mom, V-Day gift shopping calls for a little extra thoughtfulness. 


After all, no matter how easy the pregnancy, carrying a LO for nine months is no simple or carefree feat! A mom-to-be deserves a little extra something on Valentine's Day -- especially if she's been battling morning sickness, back pain, or a bevy of other super-fun pregnancy symptoms recently, and through the winter no less! 

Thankfully, whether the gift giver is a best friend, spouse, sibling, or parent, there is a plethora of gift ideas that are absolutely perfect for moms-to-be. And finding the perfect gift for her doesn't have to mean going way off the deep end budget-wise either, because the perfect pick might be available at a variety of price points, too.  

Here, 15 meaningful, beautiful, thoughtful, and maybe even practical gift ideas for all the VIP (Very Important Pregnant) ladies.   

valentine's day