15 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women -- & the People They Love

Maressa Brown | Feb 6, 2018 Pregnancy

valentine ideas for pregnant women

In and of itself, figuring out the perfect Valentine's Day gift can be daunting. Of course, some people would prefer to keep it casual, maybe stick to a card and a bouquet or a home-cooked meal. Others might have something a bit more extravagant in mind -- think amazing theater tickets or a piece of fine jewelry. And there's always something in between. But if the recipient also happens to be an expectant mom, V-Day gift shopping calls for a little extra thoughtfulness. 

After all, no matter how easy the pregnancy, carrying a LO for nine months is no simple or carefree feat! A mom-to-be deserves a little extra something on Valentine's Day -- especially if she's been battling morning sickness, back pain, or a bevy of other super-fun pregnancy symptoms recently, and through the winter no less! 

Thankfully, whether the gift giver is a best friend, spouse, sibling, or parent, there is a plethora of gift ideas that are absolutely perfect for moms-to-be. And finding the perfect gift for her doesn't have to mean going way off the deep end budget-wise either, because the perfect pick might be available at a variety of price points, too.  

Here, 15 meaningful, beautiful, thoughtful, and maybe even practical gift ideas for all the VIP (Very Important Pregnant) ladies.   

  • Honest Aromatic Soy Candles


    The Honest Company is known for its nontoxic products, and one or several of its aromatic soy candles could be the perfect pick for an expectant mom. Made from non-GMO soy wax, they're supposed to be particularly long-lasting, so she can use them for well-deserved hours of "me" time. 

    The Honest Company Aromatic Soy Candles ($19.95 each, Honest.com)

  • Heart Necklace


    This simply perfect necklace is made of vintage, red glass hearts hand-knotted onto a soft, leather cord. Your fave mom-to-be can wear it long, short, or in between.

    Frozen Heart Red Glass Heart Necklace ($18, Etsy.com)
  • Cupid Maternity Tee


    Jellybean Apparel is known for these cute maternity tees that should make the question of "what to wear?!" on Valentine's Day easy to answer. 

    Conversation Heart Maternity T-Shirt ($25, Etsy.com)

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  • Maternity or Baby Photo Shoot


    Research maternity and baby photographers and give a pregnant friend or partner a gift certificate for a shoot! 

  • Labor Gown


    Nothing beats a garment that's equal parts cute and comfortable -- especially for giving birth! For that reason, expectant moms might love a chic labor gown. 

    Pretty Pushers® Labor Gown in Hot Pink ($38.99, BuyBuyBaby.com)

  • Photo Canvas Gift Card


    Whether she wants to display a beautiful photo from her maternity photo shoot or a stunning newborn shot of her LO, a canvas may be the perfect way to do that. CanvasPop also offers printing and framing services.

    Canvas Pop gift card (CanvasPop.com

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  • 'Hatched!' Pregnancy Book


    Hatched! The Big Push from Pregnancy to Motherhood by Sloane Tanen is a book that shows up at a lot of baby showers, but it could be a perfect V-Day gift for a friend, too. Each page has a little diorama-like display of chenille yellow chicks in a scene from pregnancy, childbirth, or motherhood along with some hysterical commentary. It's roll-on-the-floor funny.

    (Hatched! The Big Push from Pregnancy to Motherhood, $2.99, Amazon.com
  • A Foodie's Dream Come True


    Plenty of pregnant women don't experience particular cravings, but many do, and for the mom-to-be who can't stop dreaming about her go-to brownies or her favorite hometown pizza, there's Goldbely, a food delivery service that aims to make local foods available to people anywhere, nationwide. 

    Choose Your Own 4 Killer Brownies in a Tin ($34.99, Goldbely.com)

  • Sexy Lingerie


    Lingerie is always a perfect Valentine's Day staple, and Nestling & Co. carries tons of pretty, flirty options that are perfect for flaunting a growing baby bump.

    Black Maternity Lingerie Set ($36.99, NestlingCo.com)

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  • Nursing Necklace


    According to the UK-based Etsy seller, "Monkey Mama Necklaces are made with beautiful, fairly traded and non toxic handmade resin beads. I use strong cotton thong and secure knots to create beautiful 'grown up,' safe jewelry that is perfect for wearing whilst caring for babies and toddlers. The necklaces are designed with nursing and babywearing mothers in mind. They are attractive to little ones, twiddlable and safe." In other words, they're practically the perfect V-Day gift for an expectant mom!

    Nursing Necklace ($13.92, Etsy.com)

  • House Cleaning Gift Certificate


    There's really no gift like saving a mom-to-be and her partner the stress of having to clean up their home while they're prepping for the birth or caring for a newborn! And plenty of nationwide and local maid services offer gift certificates. Boom!

  • Meal Delivery Service


    Another time-saving option: a certificate for a healthy, new mom-friendly meal delivery service. What mom-to-be wouldn't want healthy, perfectly portioned meals just showing up at her front door? If she prefers to cook, you could gift a subscription to a service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, which sends fresh ingredients and saves new parents time spent shopping.

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  • Maternity Tea


    This tea made with organic red raspberry leaf gets rave reviews from Etsy customers who swear it helped them have a smoother delivery. There are also versions for moms-to-be in their first trimester and second

    New Moon Tea Co. Maternity Tea ($5.34, Etsy.com)

  • Designer Baby Bag


    For a bit of a splurge, a roomy, designer baby bag may be a chic and pragmatic pick.

    Kate Spade Watson Lane Betheny Baby Bag ($348, KateSpade.com) 

  • Pregnancy Support Pillow


    Pregnant women can never have too much support or comfort, so opting for a mid- or full-size body pillow, like the Boppy, could be a thoughtful bet.

    Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow ($40, Shop.Boppy.com)

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