I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!

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Have you seen TLC's I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? Stories about pregnant women who have no idea they're pregnant until they give birth always amaze me. I didn't think it was that common, but I guess there are enough of them to fill a weekly T.V. series that's going into it's third season.


I knew I was pregnant before I ever peed on a stick. My morning sickness was awful. Of course not everyone gets it, but what about the weight gain? Even if you chalk it up to pigging out, isn't the hard belly a tip-off? When I was pregnant, my boobs got a lot bigger (huge!) and were super sensitive. My sense of smell was akin to that of a hound dog. How can these women not know they're pregnant? When they go into labor, usually on a toilet, they think they just need to take a poop. Some surprise that must be.

The other scary part is that these women haven't been taking care of themselves—they eat poorly, they drink, they smoke—and their babies seem to be okay (for now anyway, who knows what could happen in the long run). What kind of message is this to send to pregnant teens who might be watching?

Did you ever deliver a baby without knowing you were pregnant? If so, the show is looking for more I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant stories to air. And I'd love to hear the details too!

Do you believe that these women really don't know they're pregnant? Or are they just terrified and in denial?

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