Shrinkx Hips: Take It Or Leave It?

shrinkx hips

Photo from UpSpringBaby

The second I got pregnant my hips blew up about three sizes—and that was just in the first nine weeks. They continued to widen during my pregnancy and remained that way even after I'd given birth—despite my hopes that I'd have my pre-pregnancy body back as soon as my baby popped out. Wider hips are a problem many women face post-pregnancy and Shrinkx Hips is a product that promises to help.


Shrinkx Hips is a compression belt designed to help narrow your hips after giving birth. How does it work?

During delivery, your body releases the hormone Relaxin which expands your pelvic ligaments, joints, and connective tissue so that the baby can pass through the birth canal. Relaxin stays in your system for up to eight weeks after childbirth, keeping your pelvic joints loose. Wearing Shrinkx Hips during that time gives constant, even compression to gently move your pelvic joints and narrow your hips. The company claims "95 percent of moms returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size after wearing Shrinkx Hips."

Shrinkx Hips comes in different sizes and costs $49.99 at UpSpringBaby.

Have your hips been expanding throughout your pregnancy? Is Shrinkx Hips something you'll try after your baby arrives?

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