Lesbian Politician Carries Baby for Gay Guys: Yay for Her!

Christine Johnson, a 41-year-old state legislator in Utah, is 16 weeks pregnant with a baby she says she is carrying for two gay men.


Johnson, a lesbian who has a 17-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, got pregnant after being inseminated with the sperm of one of the men. She offered to be a surrogate to them for free, although the men are paying for the medical costs.

"I can very much empathize with their desire to become parents and share their lives with and open their hearts to a child," Johnson was quoted as saying in the Salt Lake Tribune. "I'm immeasurably grateful to be a mother."

In Utah, it's illegal for unmarried couples to be adoptive or foster parents. Johnson and other legislators are trying to amend Utah adoption law to allow for second-parent adoptions, in which a child's biological parent designates an unmarried partner to be the second, adoptive parent.

What a gift she is giving these guys!

What are your thoughts?

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