Baby Name of the Week: Alice

alice in wonderland necklace

Photo by rockerchic

The main character in the last three books I've read has been named Alice, I just made a new friend named Alice, and the cubbie my daughter puts her shoes in during our parent/child class has the name Alice on it. Thus, I hereby declare Alice to be the name of the week.


The name has some lovely meanings. Of English origin, it means of the nobility; of German, sweet; and of Celtic origin, it means noble.

According to the Baby Name Finder, there are 194 moms on CafeMom who have daughters named Alice. Tina Fey named her daughterAlice Zenobia Richmond.

There's also Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Chains, Alice Waters, and Alice Cooper.

What do you think of the name Alice? Would you use it for a girl or a boy?

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