Rehab While Pregnant: Did Charlie Sheen's Wife Go?

brooke mueller charlie sheen

Jason Merritt/Getty

Charlie Sheen's wife went to rehab for alcohol abuse when she was five months pregnant with twins. Radaronline reports that Brooke Mueller was confronted after bottles of booze were found in her car. The article says one of the twins was born with a heart problem, and Charlie blames it on Brooke's drinking.


But over at Eonline, Mueller's attorney, Yale Galanter, says that just isn't true.  He told E! News  "They're dead wrong. I know that's not true. I'm very familiar with the situation, and that's totally not true. She was not in rehab for alcohol abuse while pregnant. That never occurred. She's an incredible mother; it's amazing to see her with her children."

Mueller called 911 on Christmas morning claiming Sheen had threatened to kill her with a knife. She allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .13 when she made the call.

Do you think going to rehab during pregnancy to get help with a drinking problem is a bad thing?

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