Mamatini: Take It or Leave It?


Photo by Mamatini

The latest cocktail for pregnant and breastfeeding moms? Mamatini, a natural herbal drink that's supposed to give you the energy and nutrition you need to produce a healthy milk supply.


The drink was designed by a pediatrician and contains all sorts of good-for-you-and-your-milk ingredients such as folic acid, vitamins A, C, and D, fennel (to stimulate the milk) and fenugreek (said to help keep your milk supply up). It's also supposed to help relieve a baby's colic symptoms.

The makers recommend you drink one to two bottles of Mamatini every day from your 36th week of pregnancy until you wean your baby.

The cost? $40 for twelve 16-ounce bottles (enough for 6 - 12 days).

I successfully breastfed my daughter without the stuff and I have no idea how it tastes, but it seems very expensive and kind of unneccessary—that's just my opinion.

Is Mamatini something you'd like to try? Will you add it to your baby shower registry?

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