Stop, Baby Name Thief, Stop!

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Photo by Nicole080984

Over in the Pregnancy group, savannahsmom03 is upset because her cousin stole her baby name. She planned to name her baby boy (should she ever have one) Jackson. Her cousin knew that, had a boy, and stole the name.


Here's what some of the other moms had to say on the subject:

"That does suck, but there's always going to be someone with the same name as your baby." — MJWard

"I put a lot of thought into my girls' names and I would be beyond livid if someone stole them—especially if it was a family member or 'friend.'" — StarMommy06

"After I named my son Landon, my husband's cousin named her baby Landon so we have two in the family now. I actually stole the name from my sister-in-law—but I checked with her first to make sure it was okay. She takes pride in the fact that she helped name him." — zoenlandonsmom

"That's why no one knows what my baby's name is until it's born." — steph2884

"My best friend stole my girl name, even how I was going to spell it! It made me really mad, so i guess it's a good thing I'm having a boy. The thing that irritated me the most is when she denied that I ever  told her the name and said she thought of it herself!" — MommyAllie07

How do you feel about baby name thieves? Do you take it as a compliment? Or does it make you mad?

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