Prenatal Vitamins Suck

pillsI know you're supposed to take prenatal vitamins while you're pregnant. I know, I know, I know. They help prevent birth defects, and keep you and your baby healthy. But I just couldn't do it.


I tried to take them at the beginning of my pregnancy, but the smell made my morning sickness worse. They were huge and hard to swallow. I gagged. I threw them up. I tried taking them at different times of the day—early morning, mid-afternoon, before bed. Nothing helped. I tried the vitamins my doctor prescribed and some over the counter organic ones that Gwyneth Paltrow credited with giving her great hair. I couldn't stomach any of them, and I felt guilty. Big time.

So I ate healthfully and chowed down lots of foods high in folic acid. I also drank pregnancy tea and ate Bellybars—nutrition bars for pregnant women that contain all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals. Mamatinis weren't around, but maybe I would have tried those too (expensive, but my guilt knows no budget).

I never told my ob/gyn I wasn't taking the vitamins because I felt so naughty. But now you all know.

Are you taking prenatal vitamins?

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