Get Pregnant, Get Court Martialed

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Last month, a Major General added pregnancy to his list of prohibitions. If you're an American solider in Iraq and you get pregnant (or get someone pregnant), you face punishment, including a court martial and jail time. The policy also applies to married soldiers who are in Iraq together.


According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an employer cannot fire or force an employee to leave because she is pregnant. Apparently the act doesn't apply here.

The Major General defends his directive in a written statement to his troops, "I need every soldier I've got, especially since we are facing a drawdown of forces during our mission. Anyone who leaves this fight earlier than the expected 12-month deployment creates a burden on their teammates. Anyone who leaves this fight early because they made a personal choice that changed their medical status—or contributes to doing that to another—is not in keeping with a key element of our ethos."

My questions are: Why the jail time? Why the disgrace? What if your birth control fails?

What do you think about the Major General's rule?


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