Top Pregnancy Fears: Is Yours on the List?

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Moms worry—even before they become moms. They worry if what they eat or drink will affect their baby-to-be, they worry about exercising (and not exercising), dying their hair, the pain of childbirth, and more. But what do moms worry about most? The March of Dimes published the results of a recent survey and here's what it found.


The number-one worry of moms-to-be? Birth defects, said 78 percent of the pregnant women polled. Stress came in second, with moms wondering if their stress could harm their babies, and premature birth was the third biggest fear.

Also on the list:

The pain of childbirth

Not getting to the hospital on time

Not being able to breastfeed

Losing the pregnancy weight

Eating sushi and fish

What's your biggest pregnancy fear?

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