Pregnant Striptease ... Anyone?

Photo by TaMpaPhoTog_MoM

Heather Graham wants to do a pregnant strip dance in the sequel to The Hangover.  "I think Stu should get [Jade] pregnant, and that she should do a pregnant strip dance," she told Eonline. "I know it sounds so wrong, but it sounds so right."


Hmmm ... Heather doesn't have any kids and I wonder if she were really pregnant if she'd feel like stripping in a club every night—or even just once.

Real Housewife of New York City Bethenny Frankel posed nude for PETA—and she was pregnant at the time.

There's no way I would have posed naked (publicly) or stripped (for anyone) when I was pregnant. I felt too fat, too ugly, and too sick. But there are so many pregnant women who would feel great doing it.

How about you? Would you strip in pubic or in private while pregnant?

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