Latest Pregnant Celeb: Amanda Peet

amanda peet

David Livingston/Getty

I've always had a girl crush on Amanda Peet—she's gorgeous and I love her style. Needless to say, I was jealous as can be when my friend got to meet her. Her 2-month-old son was appearing in a movie with Amanda so my friend got to hang out on the set. Apparently, Amanda had no maternal instincts then (in other words, she didn't gush over my friend's kid the way she should have).


But now Amanda, 37, the star of 2012, is the doting mother of her adorable daughter, 2-year-old Frankie (Frances Pen). And the big news is that she's got another baby on the way. (No word on when she is due.)

After having her first baby, the actress told People: “I think we want more. David wants three, but I’m old, I’m an old lady. Two is enough."

Congratulations to Amanda, David, and Frankie!


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