Pregnant Teen Gets Benched by Volleyball Coach and Sues

weights of justiceA 17-year-old pregnant high-school student filed a civil rights complaint after her volleyball coach benched her. According to the honor student, Mackenzie McCollum, the coach kept her from playing after finding out she was in her first trimester. If true, that's against federal law: Students can't be excluded from activities based on pregnancy. But what's happening to McCollum now may be even worse.


She's allegedly being bullied by teachers and students. One student set up a Facebook group in support of the coach, and it now has about 450 members and includes a long list of not-so-nice comments about McCollum like: "Way to go coach. What kind of idiot would want to play volleyball while pregnant anyway?"

McCollum's lawyer says the teen missed out on potential college scholarships when recruiters came to her games because her coach kept her benched—even though a doctor said the sport posed no danger.

The school district is investigating the complaint.

Should a pregnant teen be permitted to play volleyball or participate in other school sports and activities?

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