Baby Name of the Week: Nico

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I've known both males and females with the name Nico (pronounced "knee-coe")—and I like it for both. The woman I knew was named just plain Nico, named after the sixties model and Velvet Underground singer (whose real name was Christa Paffgen).


My brother-in-law goes by Nico, but his given name is Nicholas, and my two-year-old daughter has a friend named Nico (he's a boy and Nico is his given name).

According to the Baby Name Finder, there are 262 CafeMom members with sons named Nico, but none who have daughters with the name. The name is often short for Nicholas, but it comes from the Greek Nike, who was the goddess of victory.

What do you think of the name Nico? Do you like it for a girl, a boy, or both?


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