What's a Push Present?

I've noticed a few questions about push presents in Pregnancy. In one cute post, irishphlb said: "My hubby has told me out of 30 women he asked at work, not one of them ever heard of a push present. He thinks I'm making it up to get a gift out of him! Have any of you heard of or received a push present?"


She goes on to say that, by the way, her husband is a wonderful guy who'd be more than happy to give her a present for having his baby.

But based on the responses, lots of baby mamas around here have never heard of a push present -- a gift a woman's husband or partner gives her after the birth (or "pushing" out the baby) to say, hey, thanks for that great gift you've just given me!

It could be anything -- something small or something lavish (read: fancy jewelry or a vacation.) Parents.com has some excellent push present ideas.

What about you? Have you heard of push presents before? What do you think -- well-deserved and why not celebrate baby's arrival with a gift, or tacky?

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