Baby Gear: A Diaper Alternative

Photo by gDiapers

I admit when it came time for the cloth vs. disposable diaper question I didn't hesitate long -- I just couldn't see myself doing the cloth thing. But to each mama her own choice.

I discovered a third alternative though -- eco-friendly, flushable diapers from a cool-sounding husband-and-wife business team. Kim and Jason Graham-Nye founded gDiapers ("g" as in "green") in their homeland of Australia and then moved the biz to Portland, Oregon about a year and a half ago. Not only are the diapers biodegradable (they're flushable and compostable), but they come with adorable covers (see above)! I love them!

You can buy gDiapers online and in some natural living stores -- a starter kit is $26.99.

Where do you think you'll fall in on the cloth-disposable-flushable line of diaper options?


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