The Best Maternity Jeans

Jeans are a complicated piece of fashion no matter what your physical state. Getting that just-right fit is key and finding the pair that works for you is a totally individual thing -- what works on one pregnant bod does not necessarily work on another.

When I was pregnant, I swore by my dark-washed Earl jeans from Belly Dance Maternity. I felt they were both comfy and slimming. And I relied on them in the months after giving birth, too, before I could fit back into my regular pre-pregnancy denim.

I just saw an article in the October/November issue of Fit Pregnancy (the article's not online, so you have to grab a copy of the mag) about best maternity jeans by body type -- here are a few of the highlights, and some other ideas, too.


For best bang for your buck, they point to Liz Lange for Target ($30). Another reason to love Target.

For best overall fit for all body types, they recommend the Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon jean ($185) -- and I know lots of pregnant gals who've sworn by Paige, too.

The jeans they say look and feel most like your pre-pregnancy jeans are J Brand low-rise bootcut ($187).

Other budget-friendly options, which I'm adding since moms commented on how much they loved them, come from Old Navy -- they have several new styles and "fits," and a number of them are on sale for less than thirty bucks.

MommyAppleseed, who actually has her own maternity clothing business of the same name (you go, girl!) and knows a thing or two about mat denim, wrote a journal post that introduced me to some brands I hadn't encountered -- like Maternal America and Mama Black jeans. And she breaks the brands down by how they fit around the belly -- No Band, Below the Belly, and Mid-Belly. (I was a below the belly kind of gal, but every pregnant mama's different.)

What about you? What kind of maternity jeans are you wearing and loving? Share in the comments below so other moms can get an idea about what might be right for them.

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