I'm Thankful for My Twins

pregnant with twins

Me at 35 weeks! Happy dance!

Thanksgiving. TIme of reflection. Time to give thanks. Almost baby time!

Yes, the countdown for the birth of my twins is coming down to the wire. As many of you know, I'm almost at 36 weeks and I am so very excitied. Part of me feels like it was yesterday when I shared the news I was pregnant.

I'm so grateful for so much and I just want you readers to know how thankful I am to you as well.


Some of you I know well -- you have listened to my worries, offered me suggestions and advice, were kind, encouraged me, shared ideas, or products, or books that you really liked -- you know who you are. And I cannot thank you enough for that.

There are also women I have never talked to privately, but I've read your stories in groups, or comments on the Daily Buzz, or in a Journal and have learned or just felt a connection to you, Maybe we went through something similar or maybe we had an entirely different path -- but  I learned from you. So thank you as well.

My journey on becoming a mother has been enriched because of all of you.

I came to CafeMom when I was TTC and here I am soon to have twins -- a boy and a girl, whose little faces I cannot wait to see, whose tiny hands I cannot wait to hold.

I have a network of great friends, a support team, and I hope I can be the same to you as well.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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