Baby Photo & Journal Album: Take It Or Leave It?

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I make all my photo albums online. I used Kodak Gallery to make my wedding album and I love the quality.

You build the album online, you can even add captions, and choose the size and way it's printed.

My camera is digital and I almost never shoot in film...unless it's with my Polariod, which I love! But I use digital far more often. And I know I will when my twins are born, too.


I received two huge photo/journal albums as a gift for my twins and of course I am very grateful for the sweet gift, but I don't think I will use them for the above reasons. Maybe something smaller would be better? More of a scrapbook or memory book. But will I use that? Will I need two -- one for boy and one for girl?

I guess I do, right?

In these digital days, I can scan in their birth certificates, first footprints, all that, and add it to the digital photos and make an album that way. So I can make them like I like to make

Am I not being sentimental enough? I want to make the albums, I just think it would be better to do it how I am most comfortable -- and most likely to do and not put off until I accumulate a mass of stuff and next thing I know the kids are four.

What do you think of photo albums, journals, and memory books where you add physical photos and albums? Are they necessary?


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