If Heidi Klum Can Gain 45 lbs During Pregnancy, I Can Too!

pregnant with twins belly

Me with twins at 34 weeks.

One of the OBGYNs in the collective I go to made a big stink about how much weight I am gaining...but she's the only one. The others seem very happy with my progress and didn't tell me to "Watch it" when talking about the foods I should eat.

Don't get me started...I am so annoyed with this one doctor.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with twins and have so far gained 53 pounds.

I just found out that Heidi Klum gained 45 pounds during her fourth pregnancy. Oh Heidi...just when I thought it was impossible for me to love you more and now this!


Now I'm not saying that all pregnant women should gain a lot of weight. I think it really depends on the weight you are before you got pregnant and I do think it's important, not to mention healthy for you and baby (or babies), to keep weight within reason.

But it's also inspiring to see women like Heidi who gained a lot and then lost it all soon after baby arrived. Klum surprised everyone when she walked the Victoria's Secret Runway show six weeks after Lou Sulola was born...looking gorgeous.

Are you concerned about your weight gain during pregnancy?


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