Could Your Man Handle Being Pregnant?

pregnant nursery

Hubs & I practicing with diaper babies!

My husband, oh I love him, but I don't think he would be able to handle being pregnant. I don't think he could handle bleeding once a month either. Or PMS. Or just having a vagina. I don't think a lot of men could.

I think my hubs can handle lots of things -- he's great in times of panic, he's very level-headed and that pays off a lot, and he's a great cook -- but I think he would have a breakdown if he had to grow a baby, or babies in my case, in his belly, along with all the pregnancy symptoms.


But I will say this, since I'm new to this pregnancy thing...well, 35 weeks new with first babies, I had no clue what I was in store for -- nothing can prepare you for all the range of emotions and feelings you have when pregnant.

I saw my sister go through her first pregnancy a couple of years ago and she wore her regular jeans the entire time (unbuttoned), barely gained weight, and had no ailments or morning sickness. Sure the final couple of weeks she swelled up a little, but honestly her ankle and feet swelling was like my summer feet swell on my worst day not pregnant. So she made it look easy.

I giggle thinking of my hubs as pregnant as I am now, huge belly, edema, sobbing during talk shows like Tyra when there's nothing really to cry over, acid reflux creeping up in the middle of the night burning my throat, the inability to bend, nipples aching. Nope. I don't think he could handle it at all.

How do you think your husband would handle being pregnant?


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