Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

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Before I got pregnant, I had asked myself that very question hundreds of times. Along with "What's wrong with me?," "Am I not meant to have kids?," "Did I do something to make this not happen?"

It also didn't help that some people who knew I was trying to conceive had some things to say that were hurtful. I'm sure they didn't mean it but when you hear something like, well, you spent a lot of time having fun and going out a lot so maybe that's why it's not happening for you, it can make you want to scream.


Here's the thing...it's not like I was some big party person -- I'm actually kind of a square when it comes to that...I barely drink. But even if I did, that doesn't often mean anything in the scheme of things when it comes to getting pregnant. I know a woman who has been on every drug imaginable and has gotten pregnant...oh, maybe seven times.

But when you are the person TTC, it can be hard, it can be depressing, and it can be lonely even if you have the most loving partner in the world. But we have to stop thinking the worst. Or at least, we have to try to have positive thoughts.

There are so many success stories of women who were TTC and who now have a baby. Some ways they let go of that "what's wrong with me" mentality and made it happen were:

What are some of the things you have done to increase your chances of having a baby?


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