Too Young to Have a Baby?

I'm going to turn the tables here -- let's start a little discussion on age and pregnancy, but not the age you expect.

I'm considered an old mom. I don't feel old, nor do I think I am old, but there are people who believe that I am too old to have kids. I'm 37. Expecting twins. First babies. Any day now.

I've read how some think I'll be more like a grandmother to my kids and won't be able to keep up with them and to this I say that's ridiculous. They will have their grandmas and I will be mom in high heels running around after them in the park.

But enough talk about older moms, what about young moms? How young is too young to be a mother?


Before we get into it, let me say this, and I've said it before -- what you think is right for you is one thing, but there are some who make blanket statements like No one over 30 should have babies. If that person said, I personally don't want to have babies past the age of 30 that is a whole different thing.

With some girls getting their period early, and having sex young, the possibility of getting pregnant is very real. Is 12 years old too young to become a mom?

For me, personally, I would think I would have been the worst mom ever at 12. At 16. At even 21. But then again, I don't know. I was never put in that position. And I know women who were and turned out to be amazing moms who raised incredible kids.

On this post about how young is too young to make a decision about a pregnancy, one mom had a great response if your daughter got pregnant at a young age. She said we can't make the decision for them, but we can guide them to make the right choice.

Do you believe there should be a set age for when a woman gets pregnant or do you believe it's up to the woman? Is there such a thing as too young or does it depend?


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