Baby Name of the Week: Caroline

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This one is for my mom. She loves the name Caroline. She asked me to name my daughter Caroline and when I told her I already had a name, she then asked my sister.

I agree with her -- it's a beautiful name. Classic and elegant.

And there's a song by Old Crow Medicine Show called Caroline that I love. Here are the lyrics...


They say you were born in St. Clare's Hospital, I say you were born up in the sky.
You come floatin' down over New Orleans to the sweet green levee on the riverside.

And your voice chirped like old squeaky shoes, and mama always said we had nothin' to lose, and so we danced on the street corner.

Oh Caroline. Heartbroken hard times, they never got us down. Walkin' the same line through every single southern town, hand-in-hand, your arm 'round mine.
Oh Caroline.

Oh I just love this song!

Our Baby Name Finder says Caroline means song of happiness. It comes in as 94th in popularity of girl's names in the US.

Has your mom or family memeber helped you pick a name for your baby? What comes to mind when you hear the name Caroline?


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