Antacids During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


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Hello heartburn. You are such a biatch!

I honestly don't know how my stomach has any space at all, but I certainly find the room to eat. My twins are pushing up against everything -- they press on my lungs, dance on my bladder, and pounce on my tummy. Lots of breathing, peeing, and heartburn issues.

Heartburn, acid reflux, burning -- whatever you want to call it -- is inevitable. And lately I get it in the middle of the night and in the morning.

My sister told me she slept with TUMS next to her bed when she was pregnant. Roll over and eat when needed.

But is it safe to take antacids during pregnancy?


The short answer is yes. But many doctors caution to only take what's recommended on the box...and not to go overboard. It's still medicine, not candy (even though some taste really yummy).

Antacids can also be binding, particularly if they contain alumnium, meaning they can make you constipated. Lots of moms-to-be already have some issues going to the bathroom, so avoid the brands with aluminum and stick with the ones that contain calcium instead.

And while you are reading labels, stay away from any antacid with sodium bicarbonate. This may make you retain water. Trust me, I'm retaining a lot just because I'm in my third trimester with twins and it's not fun.

So calcium antacids are fine as long as you don't take more than what the box recommends.

I also sleep with extra pillows so my head in more of an incline, slightly propped up, to help ease my acid reflux as much as possible. Of course, it's easier said than done -- I move around a lot at night.

And I'm sure you all heard the wives tale that says if you have heartburn, your baby will be born with lots of hair. My sister's daughter was born without any hair and she had "the flux" (what we call it) really bad. So that squashes that.

(This is general mom advice and experience, but definitely check with your own health professional before taking any supplements or OTC or prescription drugs while pregnant.)

Are you experiencing heartburn? What do you do to get relief?


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