Celine Dion Not Pregnant -- Will Keep Trying

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Back in August, I wrote about Celine Dion's pregnancy through IVF. One mom, Freela, commented how the announcement came very soon and was worried. Sadly, Celine has now had to "unannounce" her pregnancy. 

"We are living the reality of the majority of couples who have to use [IVF]. The process can be long and arduous," Celine's husband Rene Angelil, 67, told the Canadian paper Journal de Montreal as reported on Celebrity Baby Blog. "But today, we are full of confidence. Celine is more determined than ever."

Celine's doctor revealed that the embryos transferred in August and October were not successful.

"I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections, and blood tests," René told the paper, revealing the couple will go to New York this weekend for a third try. "Céline and I didn't get discouraged...we put our faith in life and in the stars."

The couple are hoping to have a sibling for their 8 year-old son, Rene-Charles.

Baby dust to them! I know how frustrating it can be when you are TTC. 


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Freela Freela

I remember making that comment (that I was happy for her but worried that the announcement was so soon.)  My heart aches that she is not pregnant now and has had to take that story public.  I can remember with my own miscarriage how somehow who obviously did not get 'untold' commented to me that I looked great for my stage of pregnancy and I had to fill him in that my pregnancy actually ended a couple months prior- then I went and cried in the bathroom and he felt absolutely horrible.  I can't imagine having to do that on an international stage.  I wish her the best and hope that she gets that second baby that she so obviously hopes for.

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