Get This Baby Out of Me!

newborn in hospital

Photo by Emmy_Dollface

My first trimester I was amazed at my growing belly. It's funny...looking back at it  now it was so small! I had terrible morning sickness all day, but was still was thrilled to be carrying twins.

Second trimester had some ups and downs, but there was a point where I felt so great, so healthy, and pretty, sporting a cute bump.

Now I'm in my third trimester and hello heartburn, edema, carpal tunnel, and tons of crankiness. I'm almost ready to scream, Get these babies out of me!!


I don't feel like that all the time. I really do think I will miss my massive twin bump, but I'm getting to the point where all the things that hurt are hurting a bit too much. I'm almost at 35 weeks and two weeks ago the doctor told me that I am measuring like a woman at 41 weeks with one baby. Makes sense.

My friend and I were talking about this "get this baby out of me" feeling and she brought up a good point. Maybe it's our bodies preparing us for labor and delivery, to not be scared, to embrace that time when the little life or lives will no longer live in the security of our womb, but out in this world beside us.

Kind of beautiful how our bodies work, isn't it?

Have you had moments where you said or thought: Get this baby out of me!?


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