Uterine Toning Tea Gets You Ready for Baby

red raspberry leaf tea

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My doula has me drinking two cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day. Luckily it's really yummy and its said to be really good during pregnancy because it's great for the uterus.

I have my sister drinking it too because she wants to have a VBAC and I thought it would be great for her to strengthen her uterine wall.


Supposedly red raspberry tea -- which is high in calcium, iron, and vitamin B -- also helps with labor and delivery, helping the uterus contract and eases delivery of baby. It does not bring on early labor. It's also said to be very nourishing and helps in the production of breast milk. The third trimester is said to be a great time to start drinking this tea.

Note: These are my thoughts on the tea. With any herbal tea, and any questions, consult your doctor first.

Do you drink red raspberry leaf tea?


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