Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: 28 (Flu Shot Decision)


Photo by wntg1grl

We're joining Kim (aka wntg1grl), a stay-at-home mom of three who's expecting twins, on her exciting journey from bump-to-babies. Check back every week for the latest developments.

Week 27
What's Happening with Mom:
Well, my second-grader ended up having Influenza A, so we all were treated with Tamiflu. By Friday, after being treated with Amoxicillin, he was back to being his crazy 7-year-old self.

As for me getting the flu shot....yes, I will! I will have to wait a while because I was taking Tamiflu, but as soon as they okay it, I am getting it.

No appointments this week for the twins but I'm definitely growing. I am having more and more back pain, feet and hands swelling, and heartburn. I thought I had bad heartburn was I wrong!

I have been getting all of the babies' things prepared: putting things away from the shower, exchanging what I need to, and finishing the nursery. Hopefully I'll be done before I hit week 30, then I can relax. Well, at least a little. There's not much relaxing with a 2-year-old!

What's Happening with Babies: 

We're in the third trimester now! The home stretch is near! This week we grew our beautiful eyelashes and we've learned how to blink, so we're practicing on batting our eyes for when we want to get our way in the future.

Question of the Week from Answers:
How much weight did you gain in your 3rd trimester? I know they say that in the last trimester you gain a pound per week, but is that true? I can't imagine gaining 10 more lbs at this point. — stepmom929
Anonymous: That's the average yes. I gained about 10 lbs but I had issues gaining weight the whole pregnancy. I was even put on Ensure drinks between meals to "fatten up."
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