When Does Morning Sickness Begin?

bam61907 asked this question -- "When does morning sickness usually start?" -- over in Pregnancy. Which of course made me remember my experience....

At the very beginning I felt fine, except for the crushing exhaustion. Then at about week six or seven I started to get the queasies -- it lasted for several weeks and then really disappeared. I hope the same happens to bam61907 and the rest of you new mamas-to-be!

But the question drives home the point that every woman and each pregnancy is different. Here's what other moms had to say about morning sickness.

  • hunnielane said "There is no average. Mine was always right away, before I even knew I was preggo. Ice water and hard candy helped me."
  • 787BabyMom chimed in "With both of mine, it was around 6 - 7 weeks. You may not get it. If not, consider yourself lucky!"
  • nici3 joked "Between 2 and 40 weeks. Lol!" But seriously.... "You can start at ANY time during ANY pregnancy." And she acknowledges a few lucky girls (including herself), will get a free pass altogether when it comes to morning sickness.
  • lovemybabys1106 says "With all three of my pregnancies it started between 6 - 7 weeks." (Apparently, that's a common time for the nausea to set in.)
  • It was harder for AnaMaria624: "Mine started around 8 - 9 weeks and lasted until 16 weeks! I hated it! I had to take medication because I lost so much weight."
  • Patience03 says "I don't think there is an average time. For me what has really helped is... eating! As soon as I feel sick, I eat crackers, toast, or any easy to digest carb."

When morning sickness does strike, what else to try? I recently did a round-up of what moms said worked for them.

When did your morning sickness kick in? Or are you one of the lucky gals who has avoided it so far? If the queasies did hit, what worked best for you?

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