Do I Really Need a Nursing Bra?

I bought two nursing bras this weekend...and I am still a little skeptical. Did I really need them? Couldn't I just wear a sports bra and pull it over to the side?

Will I even be wearing a bra at all?


First you must know I have small breasts. They haven't grown that much during my pregnancy -- I'm barely a 34C now (normally a small B) and I'm 33 weeks pregnant with twins.

I've heard more growth is coming...especially once my breasts start to produce more milk, so I bought two nursing bras to have just in case I deliver early and just in case I won't be able to make it to the store to get some before the babies arrive.

I read that if you are buying early, buy one size up and one cup size up.

The lady at the store told me I really need two -- for when one gets dirty. OK, makes sense.

Then she asked if I wanted underwire or no underwire. Um? I normally love underwires, but she said some women are bothered by them when engorged.

My mom was with me and she said, "Get the lacy underwire one in case you go out and want to feel pretty." (Smart!)

I bought one underwire, one without underwire -- the one in the photo.

Then she asked if I wanted a nursing sleep bra.

OK...I felt like she would have kept on selling me more things. I put a stop to the sleep bra. I could wear my sports bra if I felt it was absolutely necessary. Plus, I gave myself a budget of $30 in case I didn't like them.

Have you bought a nursing bra yet? How did you decide on size? Underwire or no underwire? Did you get a sleep bra? So many questions!!

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