The Most Unusual Baby Names?

unusual baby name

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I am 95 percent certain of what I am going to name my twins. I'm just not ready to announce it yet in case I change my mind.

I know, it's funny -- I'll talk about my cankles, hemorrhoids and throwing up, and missing my vagina, but baby names seem so much more personal.

There are some unusual names out there, but for me, I consider unusual to be a name like Vegetable or Callus -- you know, names that no one really names their kids. At least I don't think there is anyone named Vegetable or Callus. But I found this post where moms are talking about unusual names of kids they know. Not celebrity names.  


I suppose people think my niece's name, Tennessee, is unusual. Perhaps even my husband's name, Hans, is strange to some. 

Some of the names that made the list on this post were:

  • Lovie
  • Geronimo
  • Pastel
  • Lucifer
  • Topanga
  • Aviecse
  • Echo
  • Halo
  • Clutch
  • Freedom
  • Mystery

I happen to love unusual names. Maybe I would never name my child Echo, but I think it's neat someone did. I know how much time and thought my husband and I have put into our name selections and I'm sure others have done the same.

Names I loved for our boy, but didn't make the cut were Wolf, Otto, and Oscar. Names I loved for our girl, but didn't make the cut were Nova, Stevie, and Soraya.

Do you tend to like unusual names or more traditional names when it comes to naming your kids?


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