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The name Jace can be for a girl or a boy and there are different ways to pronounce it. Some moms go with the one syllable Jace, rhymes with Chase, while others go with two syllables -- so it sounds like Jay-see.

The pronounciation Jay-see is mostly heard for girls.

There are quite a few ways to spell the name.

The name Jace is said to mean healer.

For a boy, spellings include Jace, Jase, and Jayce.

For girls, spellings include Jayce, Jayse, Jacy, Jacey, Jaycee, Jacee, and Jaicee.

CafeMom kaymarie1473 has a son named Jace and she wondered how others moms spelled and pronounced the name. The few that responded felt that Jace, rhymes with Chase, felt more like a boy's name.

In some ways, Jace, either for a boy or girl, feels like a nickname for a Jason or Jacinda. And I'm a huge fan of names like that -- something about them are sweet, a little unexpected, and not too different, but not too common.

Have you considered the names Jace or Jaycee for your son or daughter?


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Queen... QueenOfNagsHead

How funny! I'm naming my little boy Jace Tristan. He's due March 3rd :D

Queen... QueenOfNagsHead

And to add, I asked some of my friends on here which spelling they liked better. They helped me agree on Jace, since Jase made it look like a nickname for jason. :)

RanaA... RanaAurora

Not a fan.  It seems incomplete, like it needs to either be Jason or Jaycee.

Rebek... RebekahsMommy06

My friend named her little boy Jace (like chase). I had never heard of it before her

Lumin... LuminousMom

Then only Jace I knew was certainly not a healer.. he was an immature kid who never brushed his teeth enough and slept on his grandmas couch. Yuck. I hope a whole generation of Jace's grow up amazing to wipe out the previous one lol

damira damira

it sounds like jay-z to me.

Buddh... Buddhaful_Shell

I am going to name my first Jace if it's a boy! My husband'sname is Jackson and his brother's name is Jess, so I think it will fit well.

nonmember avatar Jacy

My name is Jacy, I'm a girl. I like my name. It's different, except misspelled a lot.

april... aprila81703

I am expecting a little girl April 26th and plan on giving her the middle name Jace (the one that sounds like Chase).

mama2... mama2000_1

I have always heard Jace (like Chase) as a boy name, along with that spelling. Jaycee I have seen for a girl, but only once or twice, but I really like it.  My son's middle name is Jayce and is a variation of Jason after his uncle. 

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