BFP: The Big Fat Positive

positive pregnancy test

Photo by mmoleader

I'm going to be honest...when I was in the trying to conceive (TTC) groups and someone would get a big fat positive (BFP) on their pregnancy test, I would get sad. I was so very happy for the woman getting the BFP, but it made me think...when is this going to happen for me? Why isn't it me?

Well really, at first I was thinking what the heck is BFP? Then I learned. Then I felt sad for myself. I was a little behind on all the lingo.

I eventually got my BFP and as most of you know, readying for twins next month. I got so much baby dust from fellow CafeMoms, I am sure it helped. So thank you!


And as some of you may know...I still have my positive pregnancy test. It's been under my bathroom sink since March. (OK, weird, I know.) I need to take a photo of it and throw it out, yes. But I cannot tell you how my heart filled when I first saw the two lines telling me I was pregnant. I just couldn't toss it right away.

If you were or are TTC, did you feel like I did -- feeling sad when learning of another's BFP? If you eventually got your own BFP, did you save the test or take photos of it?


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