Twin Pregnancy Week By Week: 27 (Flu Shot)


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We're joining Kim (aka wntg1grl), a stay-at-home mom of three who's expecting twins, on her exciting journey from bump-to-babies. Check back every week for the latest developments.

Week 27
What's Happening with Mom:

Well, last appointment I gained no weight...this week I made up for it. I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks. No concern with that...actually its good, it just means that we are growing!


The OB asked me when I will be getting my flu shot.  Well, I never have, so I am concerned with the risks. He says the risk of getting the flu outweighs any risk associated with the vaccine. 

Then on Friday, I went to volunteer in my 2nd grader's classroom, and heard so much coughing. I asked the teacher about it, and one of the girls had just gotten back from having the flu. My son is now starting to have symptoms...I am hoping and praying he doesn't have the flu. Especially since the doctor had just told me that pregnant women are the highest risk. Supposedly, our immune system sort of "turns off" to prevent us killing off our own baby...I am worried about my son, the rest of the kids, and myself...I will definitely be doing more research.

What's Happening with Babies: 
Hic, hic, hic...feel those tiny movements? We have the hiccups! It may start to get quite common right now, so don't be alarmed. And our brains are developing more and more everyday, we're becoming baby Einsteins in here!
Question of the Week from Answers:
Is it okay to get the flu shot while pregnant? — anonymous
ThrivingMom: It doesn't depend on the trimester. The regular flu vaccine is not only safe during pregnancy, it is highly recommended.

My OB, however, is not recommending the swine flu vaccine for pregnant women until there is much more testing done.
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