I Put My Phone in a Drawer & Other Pregnant Brain Issues

baby upside down

Photo by AshBayGrammy

My husband and I went to visit my parents last weekend and we take the train an hour upstate to see them. We had just left the house and I realized I forgot something. 

I forgot my pills, I told my hubs.

Which ones?

My birth control pills.

He laughed. Obviously I am not on birth control.

I mean my pregnancy pills, I stuttered. You know, my daily pill.

Your prenatals?

Sigh. Yes.

For the life of me I couldn't remember the words prenatal vitamins.


Then the other day I heard my cell phone ringing, but couldn't find it. Not in my bag, not in the couch, no where in sight.

It started ringing again and I was able to find it this time...in the top drawer of my bathroom cabinet. I had been cleaning up earlier and guess it was mixed in with the items I put away.

My twins better come out smart because they are sucking the brains away from me.

Have you experienced pregnant brain? Share one of your funny stories.


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