Baby Name Change...At the Last Minute

baby girl

My beautiful niece Tennessee

When my sister, Jen, was pregnant with her first baby, she loved the name Sophia. They found out the baby was a girl and Sophia became the name we all cooed into her belly.

For her baby shower, I made cupcakes in ice cream cones and spelled out the name Sophia -- a letter on six cupcakes all in a row.

We all couldn't wait until Sophia was born. But Sophia turned into Tennessee.


Sometime during the third trimester, my sister decided Sophia was not the name of the baby. She just felt the little girl growing inside her and the name was a match.

She and her husband had talked about the name Tennessee, but if it was a boy. It was brought up again and they both fell in love with it for their little girl.

The name change was a little jolting for the family. Some of the more traditional thinkers were really unsure of the name. Some opinions were voiced...mostly people would ask what happened to the beautiful name Sophia?

I'm sure my sister got tired of explaining, but anyone who knows Tennessee knows she was meant to be Tennessee. Sophia, even though a great name, wouldn't have been the right name for her.

My husband and I have names we really love for our twins...but there's a little part of me being cautious in case we have a name change at the last minute, too.

Did you have a name picked out for your baby, then went with a different name?


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