Edema: Swelling During Pregnancy

elephant feetMy feet are swollen. Not just a little bit swollen -- full on cannot see the ankles swelling up through the knee really bad like I've never seen before swollen swollen. My hands are slightly swollen, too, but not as bad.

Even if my feet are up all day, they still swell. Even when I first wake up in the morning, they are still big fat swelled up piggies. I would show you a photo but it's so so bad, I just can't.

It's edema at it's worst (or maybe best?) making me super uncomfortable. It even hurts to walk. I can't even fit into certain shoes because of the swelling!


All this excess fluid is normal, I'm told, especially for me, a twin mama-to-be in my third trimester. My uterus is growing, there's excess pressure on everything, fluid is pooling in my extremities and is worse in my lower legs, ankles, and feet.

I've written about my feet swelling before...when it wasn't so bad. But even though it's gotten worse, my OBGYN doesn't seem so alarmed.

My blood pressure and urine are coming up within expected results when tested, so they ruled out preeclampsia. And yes, I'm drinking plenty of water, but I will drink more. And I swear, I'm not eating a lot of salt.

My OBGYN suggested compression socks. At first I bought the kind with the toes cut out and after ten minutes of wearing them I thought my toes were going to explode. I felt my heart beating in them and they were red and beyond swollen. Yikes! I got the knee sock instead. So far it's helped a little, but my feet are still pitting -- meaning when I press on certain swollen spots, that spot stays indented.

Oh and getting these socks on and off is very challenging! I can barely bend with my babies bump and the socks are compression socks, so they don't have the kind of stretch like a regular sock.

I know...woe is me, right? I just want to know if there are any other mama-to-bes out there with extreme swelling like me.

Have you had extreme swelling? What works best for you?


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