Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

handsI'm on the computer for work...and I'm typing this right now. When I'm deep in thought and pounding at the keys, I'm not thinking about the pain, but when I stop, it does hurt. A lot.

It's carpal of the products of swelling or edema during pregnancy.

Yes, anyone can get it from typing, but I have it from being pregnant. The swelling in my wrists presses on the nerve, and then affects my hands. My middle three fingers on my right hand are numb.


It's a dull pain all day. The numbness is always there, but it's worse during the night. Laying in my side, either one, makes my hand on the bottom go numb and the pins and needles creates an even more intense ache. I have to position the hand on top just so in order for it to be comfortable. This means I can't cuddle with my husband -- my hand feels best if it's at my side. How sad, right? He can cuddle with me though.

So what can I do for relief?

Have the babies.

I'm nearing the end of my twin pregnancy, so that will come soon enough. But for women experiencing this early on, some doctors say wrist or hand braces may help.

Are you experiencing carpal tunnel during pregnancy? What has worked for you to alleviate the pain?


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