Prenatal Massage: Is It Safe?

prenatal massageFor my birthday earlier this week, my sister gave me a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage. At first I was hesitant -- my super swollen ankles and feet made me a little self-conscious of letting anyone see them, let alone touch them.

I let my vanity go and got an appointment on Monday. It was the best thing I could have done. But some people wonder if it's safe to get a massage during pregnancy.


There are some points on the body that when pressed, like acupressure, can make a woman go into labor. But a skilled and certified prenatal massage therapist should know what to avoid. Plus it's a massage, not acupressure.

Some people feel massage should be avoided during the first trimester. So it's best to consult with your doctor first. And if you are high risk or have health issues, speak with a doctor first.

But I have to say that my massage at 32 weeks of my twin pregnancy was perhaps one of the best ways to spend my birthday. The therapist set up the table with body pillows and I was on my side -- switching sides mid-way through. All my aches were taken care of -- my lower back, neck, the carpal tunnel in my hands, the pain in my calves, and swollen feet and ankles. There was no rubbing of my belly, just in the areas that were stressed the most. It was like she was able to get the blood flowing better again and even though it was just an hour of reprieve, it was quite a great hour. (I am so thankful for my sister's thoughtful gift!)

With me being so tranquil and relaxed, so were my babies. I used some of the meditation breathing techniques to really let go and it was so calming.

If you have the money to spend, I highly recommend it especially for third trimester mamas.

Have you had a prenatal massage?


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