Third Trimester & Having a Birthday

pregnant girl and cat

Me & Louie, my kitty baby

Today is my birthday! And this year I'm celebrating unlike any year before. As a first time mom-to-be of twins (32 weeks today), I have to say, my birthday isn't such a big deal to me this time. I'm more excited about my babies' birth day, which is coming up. Fast!

My husband wants to take me out to eat, but I'd almost rather stay home in my PJs and have him cook me some dinner.

My sister wants to take me for a pedicure, which I really need, but my feet are so swollen I'm not sure if I want anyone to touch them.


Ooh a massage would be nice, but how comfortable will I be on a massage table? Would I get too cold or too hot with my hormones the way they are?

Part of me wants to get my hair done -- I have so many greys and I could use a trim, but not sure if I'm up for sitting that long in a chair. And what if I hate my hair when it's done? I don't need to be feeling any less attractive than I do now.

I guess I'm just a little restless as I type this out, suffering from carpal tunnel, swollen hands, and three numb fingers.

But, really, this is the happiest birthday I have had so far. I'm going to have two babies soon...and the most amazing chapter in my life is about to start. I'm going to cheers my water on the rocks, eat some ice cream, and have a great day with daddy-to-be.

Update: My sister gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage and I have an appointment today!

Have you celebrated a birthday during pregnancy? How far along were you and how did you celebrate?


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