Lullabelly: Take It Or Leave It?

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My twins really respond to music in the womb -- everything from their dad playing guitar to music I play in the house. But what if I had music just for them? Maybe times when I'm watching TV and instead of them listening to the backstabbing comments on Project Runway, they can listen to some soothing tunes?

They can with Lullabelly.


This super soft belt velcros on and features soft speakers that can be plugged into an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or CD player, and plays music for your baby. You won't be able to hear it unless you had your ear to the belt...or you can put on the headphones to listen along, too. Prices start at $49.99.

Prenatal music is said to stimulate baby and helps with memory and learning, plus it's safe -- not too loud for baby. And they say playing the same music for baby when she is in the womb will help her sleep when she is out of the womb.

I have one and love it. The belt is so soft and my babies respond. I played them soft music and they calmed. Then I played them some rock music and they tensed up. I changed it because when they tense up, it's not too pleasant for me. Back to the soft music and I pictured them gently floating and sucking their little thumbs.

What do you think of the Lullabelly?


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